Monday, February 27, 2012

How Do You Get Rid of Adhesion Pain?

That's the big do you get rid of adhesion pain? I haven't posted in awhile, but there was a reason. I really wanted to see if any of the procedures that are used to help those of us with adhesions would work for me. I have some good news and some bad news.

There are some procedures that are used to deal with the pain caused by adhesions. One of these procedures is called "myofascial release", which is somewhat of a massage used for several different problems associated with the body's connective tissue. I went to a Physical Therapist last summer to try this approach. In the beginning, I thought it may be working. Unfortunately, it was a glimmer of hope that did not pan out for me. I actually left there after several months of treatment in worse condition than what I went in. This was not because of the "myofascial release", it was because there was another procedure that was tried on me due to the herniated disc in my back. I actually left there, with another herniated disc. For this reason, and because the "myofascial release" did not work for me, I decided to end my treatment.

Don't let that completely discourage you, though. It has been known to work wonders for some folks. I was just one of the unlucky few that it did not work wonders for. It is definitely worth exploring if you are dealing with the pain associated with adhesions. Just make sure you speak to your doctor to see if it could be right for you. Also make sure that your Physical Therapist is highly recommended. :)

There are a couple of other treatments that have been recommended to me recently. I am doing some research on these treatments and will be back as soon as possible to update you on them..and me! Thank you for reading. My intention is to help others, like me, who suffer with chronic pain associated with adhesions, or scar tissue. 

To the right of this article is a donation button. I am asking for donations for two reasons. One is to help support IAS, the International Adhesion Society. This website is owned by Synechion Inc., whose president is Dr. David Wiseman. I have personally spoken to Dr. Wiseman and he is completely dedicated to finding help for adhesion sufferers. You may make donations to them directly, or please specify that you would like your donation to go to the IAS.

The other reason I am asking for donations is because I was recently denied Social Security Disability for this condition. I was told that I could "retain the ability to perform" my past work. Ridiculous. I was also told by someone that works in their office, that because I had held a job down for most of my adult life (except in times of surgeries or illnesses), that it would be difficult to get assistance. Yes, that's's more difficult to get assistance if you have been a responsible, member of society. I was told that if there were two people filing for Disability and one of them had never really held a job down to begin with, that person would be more likely to receive Disability. I was shocked and am currently appealing this decision. However, at this point, my husband is working 2 jobs to try and make ends meet and it is just not happening. We really needed Disability to come through. We have 4 children that we love dearly, but we are drowning in bills. (Medical bills, utility bills, bills, bills, bills..)

However you decide to donate, I greatly appreciate your support. Please make sure you specify where you would like your donation to go. Thank you so much, in advance.

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  1. Your story sounds a lot like mine! I would love to private chat with you sometime and compare notes :) Sorry you are having to go through this!!!