Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Treatments for MY Adhesions

I also just have to quickly address a message I received. I realize that I have not been here for awhile..I apologize. I have been very sick and fighting to win a disability case, which I did win by the way. The message I received asked about any new treatments that I had found for my adhesions. I wish that I had good news for you and that I could say that I have tried something that works. I have not. :(

I have tried epidurals that are injected in your lower spine, but unfortunately, they did not work for me. I was recently told about another procedure where I would receive injections in my back that go through to the front???? I really don't want to be stuck with one more needle!! I was just in the hospital for 8 days and had like 7 I.V's. :/ I'm done with needles!

As I said before, I wish I had good news..unfortunately, no. Anyone else???

Please read my last is extremely important to me!
Thank you for reading and for your support everyone!

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